Jim Foster
General Manager

WHAT IS A GENERAL MANAGER? ---A general manager usually oversees most or all of the company’s marketing and sales functions as well as the day-to-day operations of the business. Frequently, the general manager is responsible for effective planning, delegating, coordinating, staffing, organizing, and decision making to attain desirable profit making results for an organization.

Buffco is privileged to have Jim Foster as their General Manager.  Jim is so much more than the definition above.  He is truly a team player and engaged (if needed) in anything and everything.  His door is always open and greets everyone with his Token Smile.  His expectations are high but nothing less than what he expects of himself.  He has grown TEAM BUFFCO to a superior level and continues to strive for excellence. He has a vested interest in the company as well as each employee and will continue to challenge each aspect of the company to ensure overall success.

Karl and Jim have The Perfect Relationship.  They are so much alike yet very different.  They think alike and feed off of each other.  And the true sign that they have The Perfect Relationship is that Karl knows that when he is out of the office that Buffco will run like a well-oiled machine.  He has all the confidence in Jim knowing that he has Buffco’s best interest at hand.  Jim takes pride and ownership as if it were his business….Period!

Karl refers to Jim as a Man with Great Integrity and says that with the Greatest Respect and Utmost Confidence.

I had a 10-minute conversation with Jim and below are some of the items discussed.

1.    Tell me about yourself.
I was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas.  I joined the Army out of high school and was a Paratrooper in Panama.  I was in the Long-Range Surveillance Detachment with the First Infantry Division Ft. Riley, Kansas where I deployed to Operation Desert Storm.
Upon returning from the Army, I started working at Weaver Mfg.  where I assumed almost every position in the shop and throughout the offices.
I enjoy working on cars and drag racing. I have two wonderful children.
2.    What attracted you to Buffco?
The opportunity to work with Karl whom I met while racing and having the opportunity to be part of a winning team with great potential for growth.
3.    What was your initial plan/goal/vision when hired?
Our goal for Buffco was to achieve 5 million dollars in annual sales. In order to do this, we had to start putting processes in place and building a team. This didn’t come easy but the great communication between Karl and myself, allowed us to remain focused and keep moving forward.
4.    How would you describe the culture at Buffco?
To be the best! Continue to improve on what we do every day.
5.    What has been your most rewarding accomplishment at Buffco?
The Makino Automated cell system and the building expansion. However, building a team that works so well together is the only way we could have ever accomplished that goal. Therefore, having such a great group of people working together would be number one.
6.    What has been the biggest challenge?
The times in which we had to let a team member go because he/she didn’t work out or maybe didn’t have the same vision.
7.    Describe a typical week at Buffco.
Challenging yet successful and rewarding. We consistently have several major projects in work, thus driving us forward and making Buffco better than the rest.
8.    Describe the ideal customer for Buffco.
A partnership that is mutually beneficial for both parties.
9.    Where do you see Buffco in 5-10 years?
Our vision for Buffco is to complete another building expansion, grow our cell systems & work envelope and sustain a stable customer base.

In addition, I thought that it would be value-added to see what his peers have to say about working with Jim.  Here is what they had to say:

“Jim shows great leadership by coaching employees and building confidence within the team!”

“I would say Jim is very driven, hardworking and passionate about his work and his employees.
He has very high expectations for everyone that he comes in contact with either personal or work related. He works very hard to get the best and the most out of everyone that he can.  He is always willing to help out when needed from running a machine, deburr, assemble, or cleaning around the shop.   If you have a problem, he is always willing to help and to teach you how to fix the problem to make you better at your job.  

He is will respected by all of his Buffco Family.  Jim is a very caring man with a hard shell.”         

“Jim is a rock.  He is a person that can be counted on to do his part in any situation.  He is also the leader that allows his people the freedom to do their job in any situation.  

No matter the size of the tornado Jim is currently in, he will take 5 min and chat with you about the things in your life.  He genuinely cares about those around him.

Jim is the guy we all wish we were just a little more like...”

“Jim will be the first in line to celebrate with you, side by side a Victory or Loss. Meanwhile his thoughts will be focused on Getting Better, No matter what the challenge …..”

In closing, it is a pleasure working with Jim.  His commitment and loyalty to Buffco is unprecedented.  He is full of knowledge and experience and given the opportunity to work side by side with Jim is an honor.  Jim is a great mentor!  

His new motto is “Attitude of Gratitude” for which he is borrowing from Susie (Owner of Clover Cliff Bed & Breakfast, Elmdale, Kansas).  

Stop by and introduce yourself to Jim.

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