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Buffco strives to be the BEST and instills this CULTURE internally.  Our proven performance history ensures that our CUSTOMERS receive the highest quality product offered.

Enhancements to our climate-controlled Quality Inspection Room accomodate our continued business growth as well as inspection of larger parts

Buffco is AS9100 Certified. 

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Purchasing Quality Terms and Conditions

1.    Personnel performing special processes must be qualified and/or certified per applicable specifications.

2.    Suppliers are requested to be in conformance with AS9100 or equivalent.

3.    Purchasing information to the supplier will include the applicable revision level of drawings.  Process specifications shall be performed to the latest revision.  

4.    Inspection is to be performed and certified prior to release of product or service.  New production runs on manufactured parts require a First Article Inspection report per AS9102 or similar format.

5.    Test reports are required for raw materials.  All services/products require a certificate of conformance, as applicable.

6.    Test methods used for calibration services shall meet national standards (NIST).

7.    If nonconforming product occurs as a result of supplier’s services, the supplier shall notify the organization in order to make applicable arrangements for the nonconforming product.

8.    If supplier makes any changes to its processes that would affect product or service purchased by the organization, they shall be notified prior to the change.

9.    Supplier shall also notify the organization of any changes to facility location, movement of subcontracted services from one supplier to another and changes in management.

10.    The organization, their customer and/or regulatory authorities shall have the right of access to all applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the order and to all applicable records.

 11.    If supplier needs to subcontract any part of the order to another supplier, all required information shall be flowed down to the subcontractor, including any key characteristics, if applicable.  Subcontract work shall not be allowed unless prior approval is obtained by the organization.

12.    Suppliers shall retain records in accordance with AS9100 for a minimum of 10 years or as noted. Suppliers are to contact Buffco before destroying any records.

13.       Suppliers are required to prevent the use of counterfeit parts in accordance with AS9100.

14.       Suppliers and their employees should be aware of the importance of ethical behavior.

15.      Suppliers should be aware of their contribution to product or service conformity.

16.    Suppliers and their employees should be aware of the importance of product safety.

BFCO-023           Updated 01/31/2018   REV G

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